Learning to read is difficult. We need to recognize that certain combinations of letters correspond to certain sounds and meanings. That's not easy for adults when learning a new language. Imagine how hard that is for children, both because they're so young and because they never made this mental breakthrough before.


When I taught my kids to read, I tried to make this big leap a little easier by choosing books with the shortest possible words. But every book I found had some long words. I wondered if a book could be written using only short words. How short? 4 letters? No problem. 3 letters. Sure. OK, then, let's push it further. What about 2 letters? Hmm, that would be a challenge, especially to make a story that's interesting, with characters, action, and humor.


I discovered Joanna Pasek's charming watercolor illustrations online, and we worked together to create The Bo Books series. We aimed to make the books as easy as possible for beginning readers. Children can start with “Y”. As soon as they can read the alphabet, they can read this 1-letter "word" book, giving them a sense of pride that they can read a whole book all by themselves, and confidence to continue reading. Then they can read the 2-letter word book, “BO, GO UP!”. We chose large, capital letters for these books to make words clear and obvious. Next, readers can move to 3-letter words in “Cat Egg.” I hope you as a parent or teacher can use these books to introduce your child or student to the wide world of words.

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